Ep. 43: Giving Away Genetics

Companies like 23andMe let you send in a DNA sample to learn more about yourself, like how willing you are to spit in a tube.  Of course, The More Than Monotothymines have already analyzed your genetics, and brought this episode perfectly fit for you!  Maxwell waxes ethics.  Evan considers the other side.  Peter goes off the grid.  Dan works on his cloning project.


How to Delete Your Data From 23andMe, Ancestry, and Other Sites | Consumer Reports

Ep. 42: IoT TMI

The Internet of Things is coming to connect your TV to your car to your blender!   Now with the hook done, the More Than Monotorators spend a surprising amount of this episode talking about pooping.  Evan fears change.  Peter praises spam.  Dan works on his catchphrase.  Maxwell doesn’t want to play DOOM anymore.


Playing DOOM on Freakin’ Everything

Ep. 41: Grab Bag the Fourth

Been a while since the last one, but the More Than Monototonoms are back with more quarter-sized topics, same low price!  Maxwell probes your memory.  Evan does and does not want some popcorn.  Dan catches up on some gaming.  Peter nitpicks our favorite subject.


For some games in the pile of shame, it’s just too late to play | Polygon

What happens when you mix Bigfoot, aliens, and a certain lakey Scottish dragon?  You get an episode where the More Than Monotoskeptics argue about monsters and superstitions.  Dan wants more fungi.  Evan believes in the value of silicon-based life.  Peter plays with emotions.  Maxwell lives by his own rules.

A “microtransaction” is a tiny payment you can make in certain video games in order to gain a specified amount of virtual rewards.  The More Than Monotolegends would like to thank you for sticking with them through that sentence.  Maxwell buys a gumball.  Peter becomes the very best.  Evan sets new lows.  Dan analyzes the competitive edge of Storm Trooper #24.


Editor’s Note: We apologize for issues with audio quality during the first half of the episode.

Is humanity regressing?  The More Than Monotosapiens are here to let you know that maybe, just maybe, you’re turning back into a monkey.  You’ll get a free tail though!  Dan becomes a robit.  Evan fears the Disney lawyers.  Peter remembers the manatee.  And for the first time, Maxwell must apologize to you, dear listener.

As one of the newest additions to the entertainment sphere, the concept of video games as an art form is still highly contested.  Now, the More Than Monotobuds settle the score once and for all.  So please, no disagreeing with us.  Evan refuses to see the truth.  Peter revives Randy Savage.  Maxwell clarifies ants.  Dan shines a light on a well-known cannibal.


“Shia LaBeouf” Live | Rob Cantor

Ep. 36: Ending of Thrones

That sleeper-hit show you may have heard of has come to an end, which means it’s time to talk a bunch about Game of Thrones.  Beware of spoilers, like how Sean Bean dies in the first season.  Dan ruins things.  Maxwell wants more Aragorn.  Peter knows feasting and crows.  Evan is unusually quiet.

With the release of the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, get ready to hear our hopes and dreams for Episode IX.  As if this wasn’t an inevitable discussion.  Peter isn’t as happy as you think he is.  Dan wants more grit.  Evan contemplates heat death.  And featuring a special guest appearance of Maxwell seething!

Now that the MCU’s Infinity Saga has officially come to a close, it’s time to wrap up that incessant Marvel talk started one year ago. Dan steals one from Google.  Evan doesn’t want to talk about time travel.  Maxwell has stern words for Thor.  Peter drags in Star Wars, because of course he does. BEWARE Avengers Endgame Spoilers.

Ep. 33: Apple Adoration

For an episode about why none of the More Than Monototechies use Apple-brand electronics, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about public transportation.  Funny how that happens sometimes. Peter plans his criminal career. Evan explains the food chain. Maxwell doesn’t like dirty people. Dan has had enough of Thunderbolt.

Ep. 32: Film Franchise Favor

We are sorry to say that not every blockbuster film franchise is created equal.  The More Than Monotolosers look to see which of them are critical darlings and which are only overwhelming financial successes.  Evan recounts a nursery rhyme. Maxwell likes Lord of the Rings. Peter asserts his answers. Dan starts the party.


Best/Worst Successful Film Franchises

Millerite Prophetic Time Chart, 1843

No, the More Than Monotoperps aren’t confessing to any cold cases (at least not this week), they’re talking about true crime media and its effect on modern criminology.  Maxwell gets a geography lesson. Peter offends the meat gods. Dan goes to Canada. Evan wants you to stop making your podcast.


Episode 13: Who is Ryan Duke | Up and Vanished

Ep. 30: Wide Open Worlds

In a deep dive into the world of video games, the More Than Monotowinners discuss the unique aspects of the open-world game design philosophy.  Evan talks up the yakuza. Peter cheats on his games. Dan wants to get at least 2 frames per second in his menus. Maxwell sniffles.

Ep. 29: Grab Bag the Third

Round three of the grub bug is here, and the More Than Monotobaggers have even more of those tiny little topics for you.  Maxwell wants to know about your perfect day. Evan thinks you should love The Rock even more than you already do. Dan has some secret talents to share.  Peter reminisces on old cartoons.

The More Than Monotocrackpots dive into the deep well of conspiracy theories this week, tackling one of the classics: our beautiful, pale blue disk.  Dan acts like a fool. Maxwell wants to be Jeff Foxworthy. Evan has some questions for former president George W. Bush. Peter offends just about everyone.


1 in 4 Americans Thinks the Sun Goes Around the Earth | NPR

It’s the first anniversary of More Than Monotony!  The More Than Monotogang takes a look back on 2018, and reflects on the best aspects of the year.  We hope our podcast has brought you a year’s worth of joy, and will continue to bring joy for many years to come.

Ep. 26: Gamer Generation

Who plays more video games: your little cousin, or your great aunt?  Trick question, the answer is the More Than Monotogamers. As the video game industry continues to grow, the details of its reach can be surprising.  Peter picks up a marketing gig. Maxwell mixes up his holidays. Dan does some money math. Evan really doesn’t care for Ready Player One.


Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry | Entertainment Software Association

Beyond 50/50: Breaking Down the Percentage of Female Gamers by Genre | Quantic Foundry

Ep. 25: Reboots and Remakes

With seemingly every film franchise being either remade or rebooted, the More Than Monotopeople weigh in on what makes a successful restart.  Matt joins the cast. Evan disapproves of sentient candelabras. Peter hopes Emma Watson is listening. Dan ruins Shrek.

Ep. 24: Bars and Bears

In this Christmas hangover episode of More Than Monotony, the More Than Monotoholics talk up their favorite bars.  The usual hijinks ensue. Peter would rather talk about bears. Maxwell becomes less of a man. Dan is not a pilot.  Evan would like to apologize to the state of Florida.

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