Continuing the More Than Monotony Second Anniversary celebration, the Monotogang this time looks back not just on the previous year, but the previous decade.  That’s a lot of movies and junk!  We thank you for the support, and hope you’ll continue listening into this new decade!

More Than Monotony has been around for two years and is still going strong!  The More Than Monotogang once again reflects on the previous year, and chooses some of the best whatevers that happened in 2019.  We hope you’ll continue listening into year three!

In the second half of this review episode, the More Than Monotosith wrap up their thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker.  Perhaps they did an even better job than the movie itself!  Dan sympathizes with the grunts.  Peter gives high praise.  Evan wants a reset.  Maxwell explores deeper into Palpatine’s past.

The Skywalker Saga is complete.  In this special two-part review episode, the More Than Monotojedi review the final installment in a franchise 40 years in the making.  Until the next film, that is.  Evan says a few good things.  Dan clings to reality.  Maxwell seethes.  Peter ships Reylo.

Ep. 50: Sports Team Tune-Up

Even the best sports franchises can have a down season, and when they do, it’s time for rebuild mode.  And as Wisconsin natives, the More Than Monotocasters are no strangers to slumps.  Peter is tired of being let down.  Dan questions cookies.  Maxwell plans his retirement.  Evan loses the Pacific Northwest.

Ep. 49: Pokemon Passion

Pokemon was a major part of the More Than Monototrainers childhoods, and the release of the Generation VIII games Sword and Shield is a perfect time to dive into the heated debate about the recent quality of the series.  MAXWELL used RAGE.  PETER used PROTECT.  EVAN used FRUSTRATION.  DAN used CONFUSION.

With how often the More Than Monotonaysayers riff on a few specific film franchises, they thought it only fair to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the finer points of otherwise mediocre movies.  Maxwell praises cinematography.  Evan discovers the secret of mages.  Dan enrages his co-hosts.  Peter insults a friend.

Ep. 47: Grab Bag the Fifth

Five rounds in and still going strong, the More Than Monotonators bring out another set of mini topics from the grab bag!  Dan rates himself against the best.  Maxwell challenges the loyalty of squirrels.  Peter needs to do some cardio.  Evan wants more naps and bagels.

Ep. 46: Eighties Enchantment

The 1980s sure was the best decade, wasn’t it?  Well none of the More Than Monotorads were actually alive during that period, but if movies and pop culture are believed it sure was!  Dan buys more websites.  Peter plays favorites.  Evan prepares for live-action Spongebob.  Maxwell misses scooters.

Ep. 45: Faithful Food

Is food best when it is prepared in the traditional style?  The More Than Monotofoodies fight over whether or not Taco Bell is an acceptable substitute for classic Mexican.  Evan sheds light on the enchilada.  Peter confuses his geography.  Maxwell knows his melons.  Dan breaks the podcast.


Origins and Primary Regions of Diversity of Agricultural Crops | CIAT

LTM 07: Joker

DC’s Joker film recently hit theaters, so Maxwell and Peter of course have their thoughts to share on this dark thriller interpretation of the classic Batman villain.  Unfortunately does not contain Mark Hamill.

Ep. 44: TSA Turbulence

The Transportation Security Administration may give headaches to any US-based frequent flyer, but is that the only pain this agency causes?  The More Than Monotopilots look at a report that the TSA may have some unintended consequences on travel.  Peter misses smoking babies.  Maxwell gets the glove.  Dan snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.  Evan would like to apologize to Tom Brady.


Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? | Outside

The Hidden Costs of Extra Airport Security | The New York Times

Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US Airports | ABC News

Donate to Doctors Without Borders

Ep. 43: Giving Away Genetics

Companies like 23andMe let you send in a DNA sample to learn more about yourself, like how willing you are to spit in a tube.  Of course, The More Than Monotothymines have already analyzed your genetics, and brought this episode perfectly fit for you!  Maxwell waxes ethics.  Evan considers the other side.  Peter goes off the grid.  Dan works on his cloning project.


How to Delete Your Data From 23andMe, Ancestry, and Other Sites | Consumer Reports

Ep. 42: IoT TMI

The Internet of Things is coming to connect your TV to your car to your blender!   Now with the hook done, the More Than Monotorators spend a surprising amount of this episode talking about pooping.  Evan fears change.  Peter praises spam.  Dan works on his catchphrase.  Maxwell doesn’t want to play DOOM anymore.


Playing DOOM on Freakin’ Everything

Ep. 41: Grab Bag the Fourth

Been a while since the last one, but the More Than Monototonoms are back with more quarter-sized topics, same low price!  Maxwell probes your memory.  Evan does and does not want some popcorn.  Dan catches up on some gaming.  Peter nitpicks our favorite subject.


For some games in the pile of shame, it’s just too late to play | Polygon

What happens when you mix Bigfoot, aliens, and a certain lakey Scottish dragon?  You get an episode where the More Than Monotoskeptics argue about monsters and superstitions.  Dan wants more fungi.  Evan believes in the value of silicon-based life.  Peter plays with emotions.  Maxwell lives by his own rules.

A “microtransaction” is a tiny payment you can make in certain video games in order to gain a specified amount of virtual rewards.  The More Than Monotolegends would like to thank you for sticking with them through that sentence.  Maxwell buys a gumball.  Peter becomes the very best.  Evan sets new lows.  Dan analyzes the competitive edge of Storm Trooper #24.


Editor’s Note: We apologize for issues with audio quality during the first half of the episode.

Is humanity regressing?  The More Than Monotosapiens are here to let you know that maybe, just maybe, you’re turning back into a monkey.  You’ll get a free tail though!  Dan becomes a robit.  Evan fears the Disney lawyers.  Peter remembers the manatee.  And for the first time, Maxwell must apologize to you, dear listener.

As one of the newest additions to the entertainment sphere, the concept of video games as an art form is still highly contested.  Now, the More Than Monotobuds settle the score once and for all.  So please, no disagreeing with us.  Evan refuses to see the truth.  Peter revives Randy Savage.  Maxwell clarifies ants.  Dan shines a light on a well-known cannibal.


“Shia LaBeouf” Live | Rob Cantor

Ep. 36: Ending of Thrones

That sleeper-hit show you may have heard of has come to an end, which means it’s time to talk a bunch about Game of Thrones.  Beware of spoilers, like how Sean Bean dies in the first season.  Dan ruins things.  Maxwell wants more Aragorn.  Peter knows feasting and crows.  Evan is unusually quiet.

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